Some pics of Katrina trailers deteriorating on the roadside

Katrina-FEMA-trailers-2014_0625-G-Jacobs_900My friend and humanitarian design colleague Garrett recently returned to his stomping grounds in New Orleans for leisure – a trip that took him as far as Lafayette, LA. En route, he came across one of several caches of Hurricane Katrina FEMA trailers that evidently were not successfully auctioned off by the General Services Administration.

Garrett showing me the pictures for the first time elicited all kinds of impressions – the unfinished work of disaster response; the lack of journalistic follow-up (or lack of bandwidth); undervalued life; undervalued land; Bill McDonough’s lifespan of a paper cup…. So many thoughts, but only one comment: at least someone gets out there to mow.

Katrina-FEMA-trailers-2014_0631-G-Jacobs_800 Katrina-FEMA-trailers-2014_0628-G-Jacobs_800 Katrina-FEMA-trailers-2014_0649-G-Jacobs_800Katrina-FEMA-trailers-2014_0633-G-Jacobs_800  Katrina-FEMA-trailers-2014_0654-G-Jacobs_800


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