Dismantling Houses

The Open Architecture Collaborative takes up tools at 2017 Leadership Summit In February, Rice University’s architecture building wore some encouraging impromptu signage: WE – WILL – NOT – BUILD – YOUR – WALL. The handful of students at work that weekend were surprised but not alarmed by the presence of some 20 international professionals in their…


Open Arch SF 2016: A Look Back

Not that anybody needs a reminder, but 2016 was a LONG YEAR! So long in fact we welcomed it under a different name. During the period when the Open Architecture Collaborative identified itself, built a board of directors, and quietly secured a 501(c)3, the “San Francisco Chapter” had its own rebuilding to do.

Visibling cities

You’d think Calvino’s Marco Polo encountered 2015 Detroit in his strange travels. He would have told of a downtown overrun with ornate, unpeopled buildings and unhindered automobiles. A slender rail line weaves through the air among skyscrapers, along which a periodic train completes twenty-minute clockwise circuits; it’s called the People Mover but has no passengers.…