Tuoriszt (2015)

If it’s the New Year, then the Annual Schmaltz (news) is going out, as it’s been doing for the third(ish) consecutive year.

tuoriszt-1_900No big comic this year (though we’re overdue), but of course there’s a mixtape involved. The…Annual Mixtape, “Tuoriszt.” I’m kind of excited about it.

Stream Tuorist on the krj site.

Here’s the copy packaged to intro the mix – imagine it as a Star Wars crawl. If not exactly a space opera, 2015 has at least been quite the adventure.

It’s been a year of great upset to the delicate balance of LIMINAL living. A career has beset Karl after lying for years in ambush. The pleasantness of a small, sunny apartment in Oakland threatens to become a long-time home. A cat named KUMA-CHAN demands daily attention and may be the final nail in a coffin of dreaded domesticity.

The 2015 mix, TUORISZT, was born an anachronism. It compiles music from a period preceding 2015, inspired by time spent on the highways of Kansas – perhaps a lone trip to Chanute, or a return from Dodge with great company – thinking of many things related to a homecoming. This pop music for “windshield time” carries the tourist to a different place – perhaps a final destination….


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