PortolaSF Tour & Revitalization Prospects

AFHSF_150519_1346-50-thornton-pano-KJ_600(AFHSF) On Tuesday, May 19, eight AFHSF Chapter volunteers joined the Portola neighborhood’s Arts & Beautification Committee meeting to trade thoughts on some neighborhood revitalization projects in discussion – including a second Portola pocket park, for the Thronton cul-de-sac, and building a proposal to give a facade-lift to community icon, the Avenue Theater. The Portola committee members then led the visitors on a walking tour of the San Bruno Avenue – possibly the most hidden commercial corridor in San Francisco.


Last week a team of Chapter volunteers whipped together renderings of a Thornton pocket park for sake of discussion. They were very effective tools for a SF City Budget meeting and for the ABC meeting.

The iconic Avenue Theater – in disuse and needing a facade-lift. This may be an extension of the Chapter’s Portola revitalization initiative. Evidently, when the theater became a church, the “racy” doors were sold off and purchased by Kevin Spacey.

Thronton – potential site for the Portola’s second pocket park. To the South is a very active local market, whose loading dock is at the end of the block – one of several reasons any installation would have to be collapsible

On the North side of Thornton sits the popular diner, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and eight parking spots. Nearby stores, including Walgreen’s across the street, depend on these spots for business -and Portolans depend on them to get their prescriptions.

The Hwy 101 easement. Much more shallow than at Burrows. Thornton would indeed be a different kind of pocket park.


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